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The process of separation is experienced in many different ways and can leave you traumatised.  Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together Co-Parenting Clinic Workshops is a new aged program designed to work with separated parents separately so we can capture the under-lining issues, understand the ‘why’ for choices made, and work toward a repair and recovery process.


Whilst Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together  Co-Parenting Clinic programs focus on reforming a new relationship between parents no longer wanting a life together, we also remain focused with parents of their responsibility and involvement with their children, at the same time working toward a pathway of co-parenting through harmony and collaboration.

How do you know if this is for you?

If you are a separated parent we can help you.

We can assist if:

  • You have a lawyer
  • You do not have a lawyer.
  • You no longer have a lawyer
  • You are a victim of crime
  • You are a victim of family violence
  • You have a domestic violence order made against you
  • You have experienced allegations against you
  • You have made allegations against the other parent
  • You are a victim of child abduction
  • You are a victim of Child alienation or estrangement
  • You have just separated
  • You have orders that are no longer working for you.

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