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Jeannie Magri

Educator; Speaker; Life Coach; Author; Mindset Mentor Specialist; Parenting Coach; Helper; Proud Mum

For over two decades Jeannie has served as an advisor, life coach, and mentor for both personal and family networks. An authority on the mindset of people development, she continues to find change in people and encourage repair and recovery with everyone she meets. Founder of Power Courage Voice and Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together, Jeannie continues to work towards change with public speaking through stage live events, social media, podcasts and online programs. Most important, Jeannie is driven from her own life experience going through a high conflict separation and 18 family court appearances, added domestic violence court appearances. Jeannie now provides support for parents going through separation through consultancy, reunification between estranged and alienated parents and children, and co-parenting clinic programs.

Jeannie is encouraged to make change in a struggling system by providing support for both parents and children through independent support and mentor advice for parents struggling during their parenting journey, providing a collaborative reform parental partnership achieving outcomes sooner.

Jeannie’s mission is to encourage a transformation of change that is probable, courage for the less brave, and voices to be heard.

Meet Your PTA Network Professional Partners

Chris Soteriou

Victims of Crime

Author of A Plot to kill Chris will be remembered for the ultimate betrayal after his wife and lover conspired to have him murdered. Chris now offers support for victims of crime and the founder of charity Power House Retreat which supports survivors of crime and their families. Chris is also supported by his loving children and partner.

Con Hagi

Property Specialist

Con is a professional representing Melbourne leading real estate property associates. Con has been an expert in property for over 40 years and has experience dealing with property assets and separation disputes. Con assists our clients who are dealing with property portfolios and how to protect these assets whilst going through separation.

Jim Bisas

Criminal Barrister

Jim Bisas was admitted to practice in 1990 and signed into the Bar Roll in 2006. Jim has extensive experience in criminal litigation, ball applications, pleas, contested committal proceedings, county court appeals, contest mentions, committal mentions, intervention order matters, children court matters and summary contested hearings. Jim also works with women and children fleeing extreme violence.

Michael Abdallah

Balancing Body & Mind Fitness Guru

Michael specialises in helping people transform their bodies and minds creating pro-founding and lasting changes to peoples mental, physical and emotional Health. Michael specialises with Mental Health associated with the pressure of separation and children struggling with risk behaviours. Michael’s personal experience from parential alienation, child coaching, and false allegations made against him, only understands the importance of mental health, the challenges that such stress can cause to the body and mental state of mind. Michael is supported by this three loving children and wife.

Joanne Law

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Joanne co-founded Interact Support Incorporated in 2015 to provide a safety net for people who were falling through the gaps in the Family Law System. In 2020 Joanne and the team at Interact Support launched the Interact Online service to provide online dispute resolution services, throughout Australia, to help with online dispute resolution for any type of dispute. The collaboration with Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together as part of the PTA Network Professional Partners, provide parents a pathway of education and knowledge, giving opportunity for a successful mediation process. For decades Joanne has been working with parents to help them to learn about themselves and interpersonal skills, to change and to deal with the issues and disputes in their lives respectfully without escalating into abuse and violence.
✤ Joanne is a leader in the Family Dispute Resolution and Mediation training industry through her business Mediation Institute where she has innovated the way that skills training is delivered for dispute resolution professionals. Joanne supports high standards of training and professional practice for mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners.
✤ Joanne personal experience with separation, only knows how painful relationship breakdown can be. Some people experience high conflict and others go to the other extreme and try to sort things out without professional advice or guidance. Doing that can leave people with unhealed wounds and slow the rebuilding process following your separation. Engaging with non-adversarial Family Law System services can make a really big difference, prevent mistakes, and help to develop a parenting alliance for the sake of your kids.
✤ Joanne’s mission is to prevent disputes escalating into entrenched conflict, abuse, and violence. She does this by training and supporting mediators and helping people in dispute to access and use mediation to openly discuss issues, negotiate and work towards mutually acceptable agreements in a respectful way.

Bonnie Douglas

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Management, Divorce Counsellor and Coach.

Passionate about helping families survive and thrive during and after separation, Bonnie believes that families break when parents find it hard to put their children’s interests before their own. Bonnie’s expertise through Family Dispute Resolution, support families to resolve their disagreements using the process of mediation. Bonnie’s ability to work with parents who are having difficulty agreeing on how children will spend time with each of them, and how the family’s money should be shared through the FDR platform.

Bonnie’s experience through conflict coaching with guided solutions through introspection and exploring the other parent’s point of view. Bonnie’s experience is added with Divorce Counselling & Coaching helping parents decide what to do, or who aren’t coping with their situation, supporting parents find a way to return to their old self again.

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