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Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together focus starts with the child.


We understand that children need to be heard and acknowledged of their voice, and we also understand when a child has lost the contact of a parent, giving that child the opportunity to express freely their feelings and beliefs. We recognise that children carry four main emotional expressions, anger, hatred, rejection and fear toward the parent they have lost contact with, however, we also recognise that this does not mean that these are in alignment of the child’s actual experience with that parent.

Children and parents who have experienced forced separation from one another could be because of abuse, alienation, high conflict, allegations and withholding, theses are likely to cause post-traumatic stress which could regress relationships if not handled with care.

Our first focus is the meeting of each of the parents to explore the behaviours between the two parents.

Our second focus is to explore the child, and learn more about whether the child fits in a certain definition of alienation, withholding, estrangement and learn why the child is rejecting or refusing contact, if so.

When the reunification process begins, each component is treated with care, sensitivity and mindfulness as each child is given the opportunity to quietly lead the process, but with the support of the appointed PTA Family Contact Specialist.

We understand that children could act a certain way, therefore, the reunification process with the target parent is done with ease, allowing children to hold their position, but to also allow them to engage in a timeline they dictate. Our speciality is being aware of children in this position hold fear, so educating parents of the expectations and remaining on the child’s side is essential for this process to be reflected truthfully and arrive successfully.

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