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Family Contact Specialists - (FOR CONTACT SUPERVISION)


Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together offer Family Contact Specialists for parents experiencing:

  • Child Abduction Matters
  • Child Alienation
  • Child Estrangement
  • Child Resistance

Parents requiring supervision contact for Family Court purposes:

  • Child Contact Supervision

Parenting together Apart for Parents NOT Together Family Contact Specialists provide support between children and separated parents experiencing alienation, estrangement, or resistance through the process of the reunification process.

We acknowledge the importance of your child’s identity and the connection of both parents after separation. It is also acknowledged that some parents are challenged with managing contact between their children and the other parent resulting at times contact becoming limited or stopped altogether, this causing children to become more conflicted, confused and traumatised.

Through this process, parents are encouraged to participate in the Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together Co-Parenting Clinic Workshop to allow co-parents opportunity for education and reforming the relationship of separated parents.

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together understand parental loss through separation. Our team come with all different experiences dealing with not only alienation, estrangement and resistance, but also understand domestic family violence, sexualised behaviours, high conflict parents and those with domestic violence orders against them.

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together provide a platform through our Family Contact Specialist who will work with both parents to support and facilitate the process of reconnecting children to parents with a comprehensive strategic step by step plan including support networks.


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