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Parenting together Apart for Parents NOT Together is a new age Separated Parents Coaching Practice supporting parents through the journey of separation.

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together is also the child company of Power Courage Voice Family Development Practice.

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together with Power Courage Voice clinics have worked with over a hundred families, parents and children through mentoring and development.

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together offer three platforms:
Consultancy Practice – Enable parents onto the right pathway for their individual matter, helping parents to connect with the right experts and professionals to suit your individual situation. This is provided through a strategic blueprint plan that will give you a solid guide of what and whom needs to be involved as you embark on your journey.

Family Contact Specialists– Contact Specialists providing Contact Supervision for Family Court purposes through the process of reunification between parents and children who have experienced Child Abduction; Child Withholding and Child Alienation

Co-Parenting Clinic Workshops – Clinic workshops supporting parents onto a pathway toward decisions of child arrangements and a new reform relationship with the other parent.



Thanks to you, Jeannie, we did avoid to go to family court (as of now), we managed to keep the houses and save thousands of dollars in a completely broken system that doesn’t help anyone, specially the little people they keep saying they protect, the most valuable and most impacted little humans who get the worst experiences of getting involved in the family law system in Australia, our beloved kids.

Thanks to your support and dedication we managed to get a family plan together so I could see my daughter, I was able to gain a bit of control over the situation which gave me the strength to believe to keep moving forward.

Alex and Family

“Early 2020 my family went through a brief separation, following intense pressures on the adult relationship.  Having briefly worked with Jeannie previously, she immediately came to mind.  Before we knew it, she had embraced the priority of emotional wellbeing for our twin 12yr old children and helped with guided patience, experience and authenticity to ensure they felt loved and safe.  This was the foundation for repairing my relationship with my partner.

We embarked on an intense weekly family strategy program over 3months that provided grounding, new insights and a fresh approach to how we viewed our love.  It wasn't always easy, however this strengthened us all and brought my family back together with a new lens on love, health and happiness, knowing Jeannie was there to guide us all the way. 

We are so grateful for Jeannie and her program and would have had a different outcome I feel should we not have gained the new insights from Jeanie. 

Always grateful and please….reach out if you need help….Jeannie is practical, caring and a calming force….always there to understand and help.”


“My personal experience with Jeannie for the last 3 years has helped me through some tough frustrating challenging emotional times, I couldn’t of done this alone. Several years ago I found myself in a dark place due to ongoing issues fighting to b a part of my children’s lives.

I was taught to deal with issues better and understand my sides of what was happening and helped my emotional state,I certainly learnt a lot from Jeannie and would most certainly not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her therapy sessions.

I would recommend her to anybody with similar issues to mine, Jeannie is extremely positive and giving listening intelligent woman.

Thank you so much for all your support.”

Parenting Together Apart for Parents NOT Together

Our Services

We work in the early intervention for families experiencing crisis and breakdown because of separation.

Consultancy Group

One-stop shop for separated parents who are in need to sort though their next step when working through the separation process.

Co-Parenting Clinic Workshops

Is a new aged program designed to work with separated parents separately so we can capture the under-lining issues, understand the ‘why’ for choices made, and work toward a repair and recovery process.


Family Contact Specialists

Provide support between children and separated parents experiencing alienation, estrangement, or resistance through the process of the reunification process.

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